How to start WINNING money…


How to Start WINNING Money…
– The Ultimate Guide is Below –

The Value of Knowing the Road Ahead

When we've first began our matched betting journey many years ago,
we were almost entirely  paralyzed by indecision.

We are quite careful and risk averse company.
We were paranoid about making a mistake and losing money.
This business is very fragile, especially the fixed matches and business package.
We checked every single bet twenty times over before placing a bet or delivering it.
On every match we spend hours rereading the analysis made
to make sure that we hadn’t missed anything.

In fact, it was a miracle that we actually
ended up with a professional fixed match informant…
But we're glad we did!
Because now we have weekly 100% safe fixed matches !

One of the biggest mistakes that we've see
matched betting newbies make is procrastination.

‘I’ll get started this afternoon’…
quickly becomes tomorrow, next week,
‘after my holiday’ and ultimately… NEVER.

Whilst it may be uncertainty that is holding you back,
one thing is for sure: if you don’t do anything – you won’t make any money!

Yes, we have made some costly mistakes along the way,
but we have ALWAYS made our money back by simply continuing to take action
in a sensible manner and by following the rules that we've put along the road.

And we have also learned a great deal.

It is said that a wise man learns from his mistakes and that a wiser
man learns from the mistakes of others.

So in this guide I’m going to share with you our top tips and tricks
for succeeding with football daily match betting.
 Saving you many hours of frustration and headache.
And we also save you a lot of investment in all the wrong tipping websites.


  Over the years, one of the most common questions we've been asked is:

‘How to win money on football matches online consistently – is it even possible’?

Well, the answer is most certainly yes
We've been doing it ourselves for years!
You need to STOP doing these things
in order to stop losing money and start winning.



The other reason is because people who ask us for help or free trial,
usually come from other blogs sites who promise them a lot more than that what they are actually capable of, this means that bloggers intend to


promise 100% safe matches for ridiculously low amount of money.


Just to collect your money.
And again through fault of their own for trusting
what they say over trusting your own intuition.

And after the payment they ask for their hidden fees which are mostly through the roof !
And after all their demands accepted and paid they will still not
deliver or just not respond back.

Be careful !

Trust your intuition with whom you should
invest the value of your trust and funds.

Lets continue.

Basically, all betting games have an inbuilt ‘house edge’ that ‘taxes’ you on your winnings over time.

Ordered by risk, here’s a breakdown of the most common ways
that you can lose money online by gambling and betting:

Maybe subscribing to a website that has a small trial without proven free tips archive, and high popularity with zero reviews, and mostly their comments are disabled, also without a blog just thrown around few archives and a promise for a safe match with before and after.

NO !

Avoid all of these ways because the house always wins at the long run,
stick to soccer/football betting and if possible join us right now.
We will provide only free tips without in depth analysis for free,
even those are with a high winning rate !

The only way to CONSISTENTLY make money from sports betting
is by beating the bookmakers’ odds and gathering free data.

Well, the good news is, the bookmakers DO make pricing mistakes, but spotting them takes some serious analysis and effort – more than what the average social media tipster or blogger is likely to put in, thats why regular soccer betting followers get scammed a lot by primitive blog sites and social media tipsters.

But there is a simple solution.

If you would like to learn how to make real money on
tips that are deeply and carefully analyzed by us,
you should join us streight away !

3 Free Ways To Make Money !

So… how exactly DO you go about ‘winning’ money online…. entering free prize draws; competitions and filling out online surveys?

Not if you value your time!

Well, the good news is you can actually STILL carry on betting using some of the methods that we included in the free daily tips… all you have to do is slightly alter your gameplay with the provided resources you have, and invest a huge amount of your time, or let us do it for you by purchasing a package.

We can send you where you will find the info you need to spot
how a match will be played and how many goals with any of our monthly packages.

Below, are three ways to make money by betting… and they all have ONE thing in common:

They ALL involve fixed matches to carve out a huge profit spike in their bank accounts – meaning that you are CERTAIN to ‘win’ money over and over with provided information which says its fixed/bribed.
Will you trust a low budget and ugly looking website, or professional tipping service company that actually tries to help you ?
( Free Tips, Blog Posts, Notifications, Newsletters.)
And by newsletters we dont mean sending  an offer for purchase and nothing else.

Like I said before, I have been using these strategies for YEARS to make money…
So they definitely work.

Here’s an overview of each, including links to more detailed instructions
and specific products to help you.
get started and put some money in your pocket.


This method is used world wide and everyone has done it if you did skip this, that requires something other than the funds that you plan to invest.
It requires a lot of time and patience.

The process is very complex and it resembles to that of you working half a shift but with learning experience and exploitations , upgrading yourself. These requirements are going to be tough.

Once upon a time, exploiting fixed match offers and reloads was a hidden goldmine – making those in the know 100.000’s in monthly profits.

However, due to increased popularity, the number of profitable tips has diminished somewhat.

With that said, there is still a lot of money on the table to be claimed,
all you need to do is follow the instructions listed below.

1. Invest your time looking clicking following the tipsters and their information.
( Subscribe to a matched betting service like sportlife-bet. )

that have blogs as well on social media. STARTING WITH US.
– See which ones are the best and how many of their free tips have they won and are they altering their free tips archives? If yes than stay away. How much history is there in their free tips ? Have they had a winning streak and good profits with their past published tips, lower the numbers on your tipster by half and after those choose 3 best tipsters of your better half.

2. Follow them for half a month or a full month.
Invest your time and analysis in the matches they place.
Read them see their form and how their league vocabulary is like.
To get an idea of why the matches that are getting published by the tipsters are winning.

( In other words )  Learn their advanced betting strategy.

To get started learning more on this, join us with a starter package.

By following them start to analyze the matches by looking their info about how they played in their history.
Have an indepth look of this website it can help you a lot.

3. Don't stake ! YET.

Betting on the gathered free tips.
A investment should be done after you've done all of the things mentioned above in 1 & 2.
Do not stake on matches as tickets. If you do, please do not be greedy.
Take it slow.

Use our free tips !

But to be fair, rather than offering a way to win money as a trial on our paid package we publish
These free tips and probabilities and they can actually give you a way to make good profit!

How is this possible?

And why we do this ?

Well, it all comes down to the fact that you can cover any potential losses by using the analysis done from #1.
But here you will do it starting with us.

Get the smallest package of only 20 and we will help you by providing more than what we publish as free tips.
If you want to learn why and how we place the bets like that get the professional package for only €250.

This style of ‘matched farming and betting’ has exploded in popularity in recent years
and is one of the few legitimate ways to make money on soccer betting
with a risk only made from your own analysis and intuition.

There is a boat-load of free information available on the net – as well as a mind-boggling quantity publishing and quality of free tip sites that show you exactly how to beat the bookmakers’ odds and turn them into real cash that you can keep and decide what to do with it.

You can check out our HOW TO – or dig down into the few blog posts in our blog page to find the streaming tuts.

As far as products go, STARTER PACKAGE is still the cheapest and most effective plan
for beginners out there sending the instructions for each bet right to your inbox.

Read our disclaimer for the free tips by clicking here.


These are just helpful tips for faster start up !
With 200% more ROI on the first day.

1) Subscribe to a matched betting service!

When it comes to learning how to matched bet you can
do so for free – or by using a paid for subscription service.

And whilst there is nothing wrong with learning the ropes using my free guide.
The whole process is typically less painful if
you use a matched betting service right from day one.

2) Use MoneyGram and Western Union.

These are the best options to use because trust is everything in our line of business.
This way it’s safer, faster and less hassle overall.

Oh, and don’t bother with PayPal – they are known for closing accounts
when using these kinds of services, even if we could its not worth losing the nerves.
These two bank transaction agencies offer the cleanest and fastest transactions ever.

3) Make sure you have enough cash in the bank.

Before you start any offer, ensure that you
have enough funds in the bank to cover future bets.
With the free tips expansion we do not have recommended bank.
For Starter Plan:
We advise the lowest amount to be 300 Euros.

For Premium Plan:
We advise the lowest amount to be 1000 Euros.

For Professional Plan:
We advise the lowest amount to be 1500 Euros.

For Business Plan:
We advise the lowest amount to be 2.000 Euros.
This is simply because you will use some of these to purchase a package
and the rest are for staking on the tips that we have sent to you.

4) Double check everything!

Before you place any bets – always ensure that everything
you have entered into the calculator is correct.
Also, please make sure that your bets have been placed in FULL.

Some websites require TWO clicks for your bet to be taken.

5) No distractions 

We like to work in pure silence – no matter what we're doing.
And whilst you might be better at multitasking than me,
I strongly suggest that you shut off any distractions like YouTube, the TV and even music.

Remember: matched betting mistakes can be costly
So take things seriously!

6) Don’t get clever

Keep things simple: don’t try to tackle offers that you are
not yet ready for – or combine techniques in an
effort to make more money.

I once mixed in-play bets and
due to poor preparation and lack of thought I lost a lot of money.

Matched betting works if you stick to the rules
don’t make things harder than they have to be.

The secret is to join and receive matches from our reputable tipsters with varying qualities.

Learn our strategies.

We are a honest and reliable elite tipsters service that has excellent user reviews and satisfied clientele.

Contact us if you have any questions.


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